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Teachers, Small World Yoga wouldn’t function with you. We are so grateful for our team of 100+ teachers who dedicate their time and energy to bringing accessible yoga to our community.

Resources for current teachers

Are you an active SWY teacher? Coming soon, you’ll be able to log in to complete any of the following tasks:

  • Accept commitments & requirements
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Become a SWY teacher

Are you a certified yoga instructor interested in teaching for Small World Yoga? Get more information below.

Any certified yoga teacher who has a passion for teaching accessible yoga. Our growing team of 100+ teachers come from all walks of life and thoughtfully balance their teaching commitments with their other responsibilities. Some are parents, some are in graduate programs, some have made yoga their day job, and some have full-time jobs and teach yoga on the evenings/weekends.

Beyond being certified, we also require that teachers commit to teaching regularly in one location twice per month. We want to give our students a consistent experience with dedicated, dependable teachers who take teaching seriously. We also require that they maintain part-time teaching insurance.

We teach a variety of styles, including power, gentle, restorative, kids, and chair yoga. At our Community Studio, we primarily teach power flow with a few restorative classes. In our outreach program, the style depends on the location and population we’re serving. Regardless of the style, all of our classes are designed to be accessible to whoever walks in the door.

We partner with over 100 outreach locations, including public schools, libraries, recovery centers, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, metro parks, and more. Our mission is to bring free trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness services to populations who are underserved and historically marginalized.

We could use your help!

Interested in teaching for Small World Yoga? If you’re a certified yoga teacher, we’d love to hear from you (and if you’re not, read about getting certified below!). All new Small World Yoga teachers start with orientation with our leadership team to understand commitments, requirements, and opportunities. After that, they work with our Outreach Manager and/or our Youth Partnerships Manager to get placed at one or more of our many outreach locations. SWY teachers are required to teach at least two outreach classes per month. Our teachers are considered volunteers, receiving a $15 honorarium per class.

Help us bring free yoga to all.

Interested in teacher training?

Small World Yoga's teacher training offered what I was looking for, and it aligned with my values.

Jennifer Kasey
RYT-200 (2022)

Small World Yoga's accredited teacher training program is the only one in Nashville offered by a nonprofit organization. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a certified yoga teacher, our program has unique aspects and benefits:

  • Put your tuition dollars right back into your community
  • Start teaching right after graduation
  • Take advantage of multiple teaching opportunities

Get certified through Small World Yoga, and put some good back into the world.

Teacher feature

sarah Anderson-Daniels


Sarah is an occupational therapist and works with children with high medical needs who have recently been discharged from the hospital. If her patients are willing to jump on board, she incorporates yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork to support their recovery. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys paddleboarding with her husband and walking the greenway with her 6-year-old golden retriever.

Why Yoga:

Sarah has been regularly practicing hot yoga for the last four years and she loves how yoga provides a space to get really present with her movement and her breath. She remarks on what inspired her to sign up for teacher training in 2020: “I was drawn to do teacher training because I was interested to teach and I wanted to be able to share with others what yoga had brought to my life and my day to day routine.”

Why SWY:

Sarah really appreciates SWY's focus on community. She relays, “I really was impacted by the community of Small World Yoga and always being welcomed and invited to not only participate in class but also the different outreach classes that were happening. It’s nice to have connection, even though in yoga, it’s a very individualized practice. It felt like a very supportive environment to be in and I wanted to be able to extend that to others through teaching.”

Fun Fact:

Sarah’s hometown is in South Dakota.

Sarah teaches in outreach at Centennial Park, Cheekwood and Hillwood Country Club.

Sarah Anderson-Daniels