Stephannie Bermudez

Stephannie was introduced to the practice of asana (yoga) as a way to cope with anxiety and stress in high school. She practiced inconsistently for 5 years afterwards; then in 2018, she moved from New York City to the small town of Paris, TN and that officially set off her journey with yoga. Shortly after, she felt a call to connect with others in the same way and received her 200 HR teacher certification in Costa Rica. Since then, she’s learned that the practice of yoga is ever-changing and evolving and that adopting a student mindset gives us the opportunity to change and grow alongside our practice. She believes that yoga gives us the tools to expand our self-awareness, developing a relationship of love, compassion, and gratitude with ourselves and thus, others.
As a teacher, she loves teaching a gentle yet invigorating vinyasa flow. She also loves teaching restorative, yin and meditation. In class, her hope is to get students out of their head and into their body by melting away their fears, anxiety and stress on their mat and coming into the present moment. In her free time, you will find her coaching and bringing awareness to mental health in the community. Her personal mission is to make mental health affordable and accessible through yoga, coaching and mindfulness – this is one of the reasons she loves SWY so much! She also enjoys hiking, reading and spending time outdoors with her furry soulmate, Bean.
Lately, Stephannie’s favorite pose has been supported fish. It’s a great pose for those who want to open their heart and find a feel-good stretch in their neck, shoulders, and chest. She welcomes you to try it in any of her classes!