Savanna Starko

Yoga slowly became a pillar of Savanna’s life when she moved to Nashville in 2016 to attend graduate school at Vanderbilt.  Yoga was a way to escape the endless swirl of thoughts about schoolwork and to instead focus on gratitude for being a whole and complete person.  Instead of viewing being busy and often overscheduled as the bar for success in her life, Savanna pulled back to focus more on the fundamentals of being present.  Wanting to share those feelings of gratitude with others, she completed her RYT 300-hr training through Baptiste Power Yoga Nashville in October 2021.

Her now full-time career is as a PhD physicist at Vanderbilt University, where she is a Senior Lecturer for introductory physics courses.  She loves sharing yoga with students of all ages and has been particularly overjoyed to have the opportunity to teach at Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet School and Big Picture High School so far during her time with SWY.