Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith is a Vinyasa yoga instructor inspired by classical Hatha Yoga. She is also a BodyFlow instructor who instructs yoga moves which embrace the elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. She began her path to yoga, Tai-Chi, and intuitive meditation in 2003. She fell in love with the benefits that naturally emerge through the knowledge and practice. Lynn also received her Baptiste Power Yoga Instructors credentialed in 2019 which has transformed her practice with increased strength, stamina, mental edge which allows to go deeper within to cultivate life transformation.

She completed RYT 600 hours of Yoga teacher training. She hopes to bring self-confidence, light and abundance to your life through her teaching. She reminds her students that yoga is a journey and it’s never about perfection or being goal oriented. She wants them to leave knowing it’s about being present in their body and mind. Presence is freeing and within the quiet of the mind, inspiration is born, and change happens.

She aspires to make yoga accessible to all and her intention is to create a space that allows people to return to their natural state of balance and peace, while tapping into their inner strength. She uses Yoga Nidra with Sound Therapy utilizing Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, Bamboo rainstick and Chimes in her classes to promote deeper healing and relaxation by linking the breath with movement to find a meditative state in your practice to find peace within the challenge of stillness.