Kamal Tahiliani

A lifelong student and a certified yoga teacher, Kamal’s love for yoga began at the age of 10, growing up in India and practicing at the ashram/school she attended. She was fascinated to learn the meaning behind the Sanskrit name given to each pose and to gain deeper understanding of the purpose a certain pose provided. Yoga has taught her flexibility in both mind and body, allowing her to build a strong connection with her inner self and to live with her heart open to the universe.

Kamal approaches yoga with a friendly style, gentle demeanor, and cultural perspective on mindfulness, striving to help students find a spiritual mind-body connection between their breath and movement.  She teaches most often at schools and enjoys teaching gentle and playful yoga poses, while energizing minds and little bodies through guided meditation and breathing techniques. 

She is honored to partner with Small World Yoga as they strive to make yoga accessible to everyone, serving and strengthening our community by empowering people to grow and live a more fulfilling life through yoga.