Kali Wheeler

Kali has a passion for sports and fitness, and how our bodies react, adapt, and work through the process of learning new skills and art forms. In her early sports career, Kali spent eight years as a competitive gymnast. During this tenure, she was taught to condition not only the physical aspects of our bodies through consistent stretching, strength training, and continued repetition, but also the mentality needed to push through the physical demands, visualize routines, and focus through any distractions that could arise. Through this strong-willed mindset, Kali was able to compete at the highest level, and win several competitions. Following her gymnastics career, Kali pursued several other artistic forms of sport, where body and mind connection were essential for success. Dance gave her the opportunity to continue the strengths she found in gymnastics, but without the harsh physical environments. As she progressed through middle school, she moved from dance to joining her high school swimming team, competing on the diving team with springboard diving as her focus.
Kali was a gymnastics coach for fifteen years working with children of all ages and training them for competitive and non-competitive gymnastics. She later created a gymnastics program and owned her own company for seven of those years. She has always enjoyed working with children and teaching the sport that she loves to so many throughout the years. Yoga for her is a lot like gymnastics in that it takes lots of concentration, flexibility, and strength. She love the feeling of balancing her body, the feeling of moving her body as therapy, a way to de-stress from life’s troubles, and that feeling of peace, that release to let go of the negative and be more grateful for the things in her life.
She loves the aspect of meeting like-minded people through yoga and seeing each other grow and learn, creating a practice that is something to look forward to each and every day. She believes there is no better feeling than to see others growing in their practice, with her guidance and knowledge spreading the love of daily yoga and meditation, helping to keep them motivated, to achieve their goals. Kali has been doing yoga since 2014 and completed yoga teacher training in March 2023 at Santosha Yoga in Hendersonville.
Kali is originally from Dallas, Texas and currently resides in Hendersonville with her husband and teenage daughter where she enjoys boating, kayaking, hiking, camping, and doing yoga.