Hala Alaw

Hala and Nuha are originally from Iraq. They lived in several difficult situations (war, leaving their country, losing their dad after they moved to Syria, moving to Jordan, not knowing if they were going to join their mom and brother soon in the US). All these facts built lots of anxiety, fear, and insecurity. The twins moved to the US in 2013 as refugees and became US citizens in 2019.

They started doing yoga in 2016 and they’ve been practicing ever since. Yoga helped them with creating a connection between their minds and bodies, reducing anxiety, managing breathing issues, and building/toning muscles.

Hala and Nuha also were so fascinated by people doing arm balances during their practice and their first thought was “we can’t do this” followed by “we can do this.” It certainly became one of their favorite discoveries about themselves. Their favorite arm-balance poses are peacock and flying crow.

They wanted to be yoga instructors to share the benefits that they gained from the practice and help people find and blend their true values into their practice. Therefore, they received their RYT 200 in 2021 and started teaching yoga together in a dynamic due form with the SWY outreach program in NPL, The New Beginning Center, and middle schools.

Hala works as an IT Quality Assurance Analyst at VUMC and Nuha works as a Business Analyst at HCA. Besides work and teaching yoga, you can find them paddleboarding, kayaking, and working on creative knitting and crocheting projects.