Gabrielle Meyers

Gabrielle completed her 200-hour training in February 2023. She moved to Nashville from Tampa Florida, and she is currently enrolled as an undergraduate student in Nashville studying songwriting. She has a background in competitive gymnastics and taught children’s gymnastics ages pre-K through fourth grade. She has always found yoga to have an element of rhythm and dance. The movement of body and breath has always felt musical!
Yoga is a practice that restores the body, mind, and spirit. It helps create endless possibilities to be playful and break through limited beliefs of the self while providing beautiful rejuvenation for the body. It has reminded Gabrielle that the abundance of nourishment and lightness is possible through the discipline of showing up and trying.
The common misconception Gabrielle hears is that yoga is not for everyone. She strongly believes that everybody is capable of landing on their mat and finding true expression and release. Listening to what the body needs is an important intention in every class. Gabrielle provides a service that empowers safe and inclusive practice. Her goal is to gently inspire curiosity, authenticity, and unconditional love.
She is passionate about sharing the music and artful expression of yoga!