Crystal Minton

Yoga is Crystal’s everything––on and off the mat. The movement and the stillness. The ease and the challenge. The sounds and the silence. The individuality and the community. The teacher and the student. She loves every bit of it!

Crystal’s love affair with yoga started in 2016 when she purchased a Groupon for ten yoga classes at a local studio. During one of her first classes, the teacher told Crystal to grab a bolster, and she had no idea what her teacher was talking about! As she attended more classes, Crystal slowly started to piece things together and began recognizing some of the poses. Even though she had started practicing yoga for the physical benefits, it was the shifts in her awareness that kept Crystal coming back.

So, she kept practicing. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know Crystal was sitting in a room full of trainees at CorePower Yoga. She wasn’t even interested in teaching! Crystal just wanted to learn more about this magical practice that was changing her body, mind, and spirit in major ways. So that’s exactly what she did. Crystal officially became a yoga teacher in the Spring of 2018.

For some reason, Crystal was reluctant to begin teaching so she had to do some serious soul searching to figure that out. Three years later, she finally reached out to Small World Yoga for an opportunity to teach in their community outreach program. Teaching yoga has been nothing less than amazing. Crystal is so grateful to have the opportunity to share her love of this practice. Yoga has changed her life in more ways than she could ever imagine, and it would be Crystal’s honor to share this practice with you. (FYI––a bolster is just a firm, oversized pillow!)

Crystal teaches outreach at Hillwood Presbyterian.