Alexandra Moga

Alexandra’s yoga journey began in her childhood, when during summer breaks in Romania she would meditate alongside her aunt who taught her practices in forgiveness, focused breathing, and energetic visualization. In her teens she took her first yoga asana class and was hooked–finding the practice perfectly suited her passion for movement and dedication to spirituality. After four years of art history studies in Paris, she returned to New York where she immersed herself in the yogic path with over 10 years of study and teaching various communities since 2010.

Alexandra’s offerings are dynamic and uplifting, weaving together creative sequencing, self-guided alignment, mind-balancing pranayama, the science of Kundalini, and poetic prompts informed by the Bhakti path to invoke a deep inner connection. She co-designs and facilitates yoga trainings and workshops, specializing in yogic breathwork.

She bows to the many teachers and teachings who have guided her ever-closer to understanding herself, yoga, and what it means to serve the soul.